Wall Murals: Beautiful Room Transformers

Whether it be lounging in your living room with a magnificent aerial view of space or falling asleep with a lush evergreen forest in your bedroom, gorgeous wall murals can transform your room into any place you would love to be.  A wall mural creates a striking impact and can dramatically transform any space into a work of art.  Wall murals are excellent options for single rooms or small places.  It can help turn something plain into something beautiful and unique.

Wall Mural of Space with Moon and Earth

Wall Mural of Forest

Wall Mural of City Scape

Wall Mural of Purple Fantasy Tree

Wall murals tell a story about the people who dwell there.  If you don’t have a clear picture in your mind of what you want, a good muralist can help you through the process of deciding by offering up their own ideas in collaboration with yours.  They can help illustrate your ideas, tastes and style for you.

Abstract Painted Wall Mural

Sand Wall Mural

Moon Wall Mural

Outdoors/Camp Wall Mural

Guitar Music Wall Mural

Octopus Wall Mural

Mod Abstract Wall Mural

Lake with Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Mural

Eye Wall Mural

If you are an artist, you may consider painting your own mural – giving it your own personal touch.  If you aren’t an artist but still want to paint your own mural, many places offer paint by number wall murals as well.  Not all wall murals have to be painted on either. If you can’t afford to hire a muralist, you can purchase a pre-made canvas, vinyl or fabric mural and paste it onto your wall or you can opt for wall decals and stencils to brighten up and enhance the space.

July 31st, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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