Brass Accents and Golden Hues


Shimmering brass accents for the home can really spruce up your space. It is timeless, affordable and adds an eye-catching glittering gold hue amidst your décor.  You can find tons of these unique brass accessories at antique, thrift and vintage shops. You can even create your own brass and golden hue fixtures using Liquid Leaf paint, gold leaf sheets, gold markers or spray paint to give it that brassy look.

Weathered Brass Anchor Wall Fixture

Brass Sunburst Mirror Frame

Brass Side Table and Decorative Wall Fixture

Brass Accents in Kitchen

Decorative Brass Frog

The versatility of this look is another reason it is so appealing. For a more modern home décor, brass details with a high shine, polished and clean lines looks best, but the beauty is you can also go with a more weathered brass look for more masculine settings.

Brass Hanging Chandelier

Brass Accents - Living Room

Brass Accents Decorative Giraffes and Vase

Brass Accent Decorative Cup

Brass Hand Soap Dish

Brass Apple Paperweight

Brass Tree Chandelier

Whether it is an enchanting brass chandelier or simply the brass base of a table lamp, this 2013 home décor design trend can definitely offer a sparkling touch of glam to your home.

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