Brown & Gold Christmas Inspiration

For the past two years, I’ve done a bright white fake tree with a variety of pinks, blues, and greens. Last year, my fiance dealt with it as it was our first Christmas living together. This year, he put his foot down and made me a get a real tree, which I’m glad he did. It’s the fattest tree I’ve ever seen. So fat – that I needed two 30 ft ribbons to wrap around from top to bottom!

Anyway, after we cut the tree down, we were standing in Walmart, gawking at ornaments, and made a quick decision to completely change our color scheme, rather than reusing the brightly colored ornaments from the past two years. Since he loves brown and I love gold, our decision was easy to make. Before I decorated the tree, I needed some inspiration – thus, the collage above. I miss my bright colors and their modern feel, but it was fun to switch things up this year. I’ll share how the tree came out later this week!

What color scheme did you decorate with this year?

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December 4th, 2012 by Christina

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