A Beautiful Christmas Tree for Under $75

I didn’t realize how expensive it can be to buy and decorate a Christmas tree until I went out shopping all weekned yesterday and put all of the receipts together at the end of the day! The only places I went were Target, Walmart and Home Depot, but somehow I managed to spend well over $125. We did cut down our own tree, which was much more expensive than the tree above, found at Lowes for 19.98!

Another reason I spent so much money is because we decided to change our color scheme this year from bright and colorful to brown and gold, so I purchased new ornaments at Walmart – 41 for about $9. To help others from spending too much on a tree as I did this weekend, I’ve put together a nice red, gold and green scheme for under $75!

Here’s what I put together:

1 – Tree Topper – $5

2 – Red Ribbon (to wrap around the tree) – $4.98

3 – 5 – 6ft Fresh Tree – $19.98

4 – 50 Ornaments – $15.00

5 – Tree Stand – $18.00

6 – Tree Skirt – $5

Grand Total: $67.98

I know I could go cheaper – but I love a matching, sparkling tree!

What decoration bargains have you found this season??

December 3rd, 2012 by Christina

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