Oh! Donna


Designed by Standard 41, the Oh! Donna is a natural wood chair that can be used as a modern dining chair or a side chair. As desired, the Oh! Donna can be requested as customized item in the size, finish and wood of your choice. Typically it is offered in walnut, maple, cherry, oak red or black.

The Oh! Donna also comes in masculine form, known as Oh! Donald.

Both are designed by Standard 41, a company based out of Brooklyn, NY and owned by Andrew Raible. His intention was to “create a line of furniture that tends toward “green” reinterpretations of mid-century Scandinavian and American designs with a sculptural twist.”

Standard 41 has a wide collection that spans from various dining and living room seating arrangements to tables, desks and beds. To view more of the products from Standard 41 , check out their website at http://standard41.com.

January 10th, 2011 by Lyn

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