Porcelain Topographies


Porcelain Topographies is a collection of benches and stools that utilize the beauty of porcelain in their design. They were created in a limited edition for the Karen Schuessler design studio in Berlin. Designer Judith van den Boom created the Porcelain Topographies collection as a way to bring porcelain back into use.

The porcelain used on the benches is made with a press-mold technique. The models used for the collection were blankets that were folded, stacked, crumpled, or hanging.


To create the benches and stools in the Porcelain Topographies Collection, Judith van den Boom collaborated with a team of people from the Netherlands, China and Germany. The Porcelain Topographies are produced under the name BoomWehmeyer as van den Boom worked closely with partner Gunter Wehmeyer to produce this collection.

Learn more about Judith van den Boom’s experience working in China on the Porcelain Topographies, by reading this interesting catalog.

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