5 Foods that Help Fight PMS and 3 Foods that Make it Worse

Every woman reacts differently right before their period – some get weepy and cry, others become angry and impatient and some say they aren’t affected whatsoever – whatever the case may be, if you are feeling a little different than usual a week to a few days before your period you can help offset the imbalance by eating certain foods.

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5 Foods that help fight PMS

1. Greek Yogurt – calcium rich and probiotics ease the tummy of any pain during this month as well as keep the yeast in your vagina balanced

2. Almonds – Nuts especially almonds are jam packed with vitamin e and help alleviate pms symptoms

3. Pumpkin Seeds – magnesium helps with bloating which can make us feel sluggish, tired and irritated

4. Salmon – Omega 3 helps with cramps but for some, doesn’t occur during pre-menstrual

5. Turkey- Tryptophan is the chemical found in turkey that has a calming effect and sometimes can even be used as a sleep inducer, that’s why we get so tired in the USA during thanksgiving, tryptophan can help with irritability during PMS

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3 Foods that make it PMS worse

  1. Potato Chips – anything salty will make you retain more water which will make you more bloated
  2. Coffee – caffeine is a stimulant which can cause blood to pump faster to parts of our body because it increases our heart rate
  3. Croissants, scones and muffins – the carb and sugar mixture can cause a burst of energy due to the sugar while a false prolongation of energy due to the carbs, however our body is digesting them at the same time thus changing the natural way our bodies would decompose them in their natural state


February 20th, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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