Different Methods of Cooking For Camping

When planning a camping trip its important to know the different ways you can cook to get the most from your meal.

Roasting Fish – Find a Y shaped branch and a long stick, you can sharpen the edge of the stick with a knife so that its pointed and stick the fish on the end. Place the Y shaped branch firmly in the ground and the long stick in the center of the Y shaped branch. Use a large rock or heavy object to secure the stick (non fish side) while the fish roasts over an open flame. Rotate the stick so the fish cooks evenly on all sides.

Grilled Cheese –  use a Y shaped branch and wrap in aluminum foil to create a frying pan. Then use a cross brace stick over an open flame to roast your grilled cheese.

Poultry – Carefully heat rocks in a fire, using tongs, place the hot rocks inside of your cleaned bird adjacent to thick parts of the food. Place your bird on a sheet of aluminum foil. Cover the cooking fowl with leaves and bark to help retain heat. Continue to repeat this process if the meat is entirely cooked.

Bacon and eggs – burn the fire down so it is only glowing coals. Lightly wet a paper bag and place strips of bacon on the bottom of the bag and break the eggs on top of the bacon. Fold the top of the paper bag and pierce a hole just below the fold of the bag where a support stick will go. Place a stick in the hole and hold over the coals or use a Y branch placed firmly in the ground with the support stick in the center so the bag is directly over the coals. Allow to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wet down the bag using a spray bottle with water if the bag starts to burn.

Corn – individually wrap each corn husk, wet 3 sheets of paper, wet the corn and season it to taste. Wrap the corn in the sheets of paper, one at a time to seal the steam inside. Place the paper bundle with the corn inside over the hot coals (once again wait until the fire has burned down and there are only glowing coals) or place in hot ashes. Spray the paper if it gets dry.

February 9th, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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