Sexual Health Tips for Staying & Feeling Fabulous

You are already fabulous, darling! However, there are always a few extra tips, tricks and helpful remedies we could know to keep us feeling and staying gorgeous.

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Get to your gyno and primary care physician at least once a year. It’s important to make sure your overall health including your reproductive health is good and you are healthy. This goes for both MEN and WOMEN. Whether you are sexually active or not, there other factors that can create problems later if they aren’t checked by a doctor. Some of these things may not have any symptoms. If you are sexually active, even more of a reason to make sure you are checked especially if you have more than one sexual partner or after each new sexual partner. Some STDS do not have any signs or symptoms such as HPV (especially in men) and can still be contracted from skin to skin contact like herpes even if using protection.

Did you know douching is bad for you? Don’t douche down there! Your vagina contains both good and bad bacteria, when you douche you remove both the good and bad bacteria which can actually create more problems for you – like a greater chance of yeast infections. Wash with a mild soap and allow your womanly parts to do the job – believe me they are pros!

After shaving or waxing we can find tiny red bumps caused by irritation or infected hair follicles, the way to help ease this is by shaving in the direction the hair grows.

If you have very thick hair and want it to be silky smooth (aka no five o clock shadow) shave using warm water to open the pores and use a straight razor to remove the hair – like those old fashioned ones barbers use. It helps to use a shaving cream with an oil base so that the razor glides easily.

Immediately after shaving or waxing, apply cold water or a cold compress to the area so that your pores close immediately. Most of the time the hair follicles are infected because bacteria gets into them before the pores have a chance to close. You can also create a mixture of tea tree oil with isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, dilute with water then apply to the shaved or waxed skin in a dabbing motion. It may sting a little and create a little bit of redness but it will prevent those nasty bumps and ingrown hairs.

For both men and women with hormonal imbalances, pms or who get moody during certain times of the year, month or season – some ways you can feel better is by eating dark chocolate which has endorphin boosting properties, massage your skin with lavender oil diluted with a carrier oil – it calms anxiety and reduces stress helping you manage your bodies cortisol levels while massaging helps disperse tension held in the muscles, stretching 2 times daily will help you refocus on your breath and bring you back to your body center especially if you feel foggy or overwhelmed while also providing more oxygen to all areas of your body.

Have sex and lots of it! Sex is very beneficial to your health – it can reduce stress, helps your heart, burns calories, keeps your muscles fit below the belt, helps you sleep and keeps colds away too!





February 7th, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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