Creative Napkin Designs for Your Next Dinner Party

Presentation can change the entire outcome of a dinner party – the hosts, the food and the set up can all play key factors in how perfect the night will go – adding little extra details can go a long way.

Jasmine Flower Napkin Fold

A nice touch when hosting a dinner party are folding napkins in creative ways similar to origami and placing them on each guests dinner plate. Below are 6 different ways you can fold napkins for your next dinner party or event with step by step help!

Cone Napkin Fold for a pure and simple look

Hat napkin fold is a standing fold that makes a bold statement

Swan Napkin fold for something a little fancier and more intricate

Star napkin fold is perfect for a birthday – you can do the cone napkin fold for all the other guests and create the star napkin fold for the special person whose birthday you are celebrating

Butterfly napkin fold is an excellent choice for bridal showers

Opera napkin fold is a really great choice for holiday parties

With some many different ways of folding napkins to add a special touch to your next dinner party, you will find the right one for your special event!


February 5th, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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