Love this Look? Beautiful Chiffon & Charmeuse Wedding Dresses

If you are preparing for your wedding day and you are the bride to be, choosing a dress can be a little stressful but also a lot a of fun. All eyes will be on you – and –  you’ll only be having this experience one time (well, hopefully!) With an eye for beauty, design and fashion, some of the most lovely wedding dresses I’ve seen have been made of silk and satin fabrics like chiffon and charmeuse. These fabric types especially on gowns and dresses flows elegantly and flatter the form of a woman’s body especially as she moves in it making her graceful and absolutely stunning.

We all have different body types but we all want to look lovely on our wedding day. Whether you are curvaceous and voluptuous, large around the waist and mid section or extremely thin there is a wedding dress made for you.

Straight neckline lace top with an open back and a layered chiffon skirt with a silk ribbon tied around the waist



Full sleeveless, draped chiffon gown with a pleated waist and slight open back with a clear clasp















Strapless chiffon gown with subtle floral embroidery on the waist and along the top of the chest
















Off the shoulder sleeves sweetheart chiffon dress

Crystal beaded sleeveless top with chiffon strapless gown underneath

Charmeuse and chiffon gown with scoop neck and long lace sleeves

Long sleeve lace top with a V neckline and long chiffon skirt

January 31st, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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