Best Non-Slip Sneakers with Style for Almost Any Activity

This year I’ve moved my entire house, shuffled around in the kitchen and went to all sorts of different music events to support my friends – the sneakers that have held up better than any other pair I’ve ever had are Sambas by Adidas.

Why are these shoes so good that I am dedicating an entire blog article to them?

Because they really are that good and here is why.

I’ve had my pair of Sambas since 9th grade of high school, yes, I am currently 29 years old. Sambas are made for indoor soccer and that’s why they are so excellent for not slipping.

I have to admit even if I’m not cooking in the kitchen, moving my apartment or dancing around at shows, these make all-around wonderful sneakers. If they make little ones for youngsters, I also suggest these sneakers as they are more likely to prevent falls.

I prefer the Samba Classics – but any Sambas with the nonmarking gum rubber outsole for excellent grip will work well. Sambas are made of synthetic leather with a suede overlay for abrasion resistance and durability, plus they are lightweight and ultra comfortable. They easily form to the foot after a few times of wearing. Brand new Sambas are about $100 but they last for years so they are definitely worth the investment. You want to avoid used ones, as again they form to your foot.

Did I mention they look good with a lot of different outfits too?

These are definitely the perfect sneakers for chefs, cooks, movers, busy parents or anyone who is quick on their foot and frequently on the move.

December 31st, 2017 by Alexandra Christina

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