Natural Remedies: Olive Oil

Originating in Asia, the olive crop has been cultivated in Mediterranean countries for over 3,000 years used to create olive oil. The olives are pitted, ground to a thick pulp, pressed to extract juices which are placed in a centrifuge to separate the water from the oil. There are many health uses for olive oil besides culinary purposes.

The fat in olive oil is mostly monounsaturated and has a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels and can be easily digested. It can be used as an effective skin treatment to help heal wounds and moisturize dry and scaly skin.

Uses of Olive Oil: 

Constipation – olive oil lubricates the digestive tract and when mixed with lemon juice on an empty stomach will ensure a healthy and regular flow of waste or for extreme cases of constipation it can be used as an enema in boiling water and then cooled to lukewarm.

Flatulence and heartburn – take 1 tbsp of olive oil in an empty stomach to stimulate digestion and relieve upset heartburn

Antioxidant – Olive oil contains Vitamin E which is an antioxidant.  The monounsaturated fatty acids are less damaged by oxygen and therefore contain less free radicals – free radicals can damage cell membranes and contribute to several diseases.

Fingernails and cuticles – Soak fingernails in olive oil and lemon juice before bed in a mixture of lukewarm water. Put on a soft cloth glove and allow the oil to penetrate overnight. Nails will become more resistant to breaking, chipping and cuticles will become softer.

Hair loss prevention – Massage your scalp with olive oil every evening for 8 days. Wrap your hair with the oil in a warm towel overnight and allow the oil to penetrate the hair follicles. Wash it out in the morning.

Moisturize the skin – Use as a natural moisturizer on dry skin, dry spots and on stretch marks.

Earaches – Soak a cotton pad in olive oil and add 5 drops of lavender oil. Place it loosely on your outer ear for earaches until the pain subsides.

When purchasing olive oil look for “extra virgin” because it guarantees the olive oil is cold pressed from freshly harvested olives and does not contain chemicals. Golden oil in color is better and higher quality than green, plus it has the best flavor for cooking.

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