Wall Art Mural Ideas

From masterpieces like those displayed on the Sistene Chapel in Italy to street art graffiti on the sides of buildings in Brooklyn, NY, hand painted murals are everywhere and they add beauty and culture to both the interior and exterior of the environments they are displayed in.

A wonderful way to create an artistic, elegant or themed atmosphere in your living space is by commissioning an artist to create a mural in your living space or by creating one yourself.

We’ve seen the popular trend of accent walls take hold over the past decade, but how about turning that accent wall into a full blown painting. Below are a view mural ideas to get you started and don’t worry if you decide to paint it yourself and are unhappy with the results you can always paint over and begin again!

Mountain Murals

Moon Murals

Oceanic Mural

Forest Murals

No matter what theme you choose for your living space, you’ll be sure it will brighten the space and be a conversation piece for guests, friends and family members!



June 28th, 2017 by Alex

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