Mint Green – Refreshing Calm

When I think of Mint green, refreshing and calm come to mind. Take this color and apply it to your interior walls, home furnishings and decor to experience those sensations when entering your living space. Mint green is a very subdued color but because it is green, it still is eye-catching making a strong impression in the living space. It is truly a charming color that can mold itself nicely into many different interior design motifs.

Some design motifs mint green work well in include: rustic chic, contemporary, mid-century modern and even Victorian, Mint green pairs nicely with creamy colors, like a creamy off- white, salmon pink, peachy orange, mustard yellow and a dusty gray. You can make mint green the main focus in a room by designing the room in a primarily monotone color palette.

The color simply can’t help but stand out and dazzle us with its vibrancy. On the other hand, you can choose to paint one wall or an entire room in mint green and decorate with furnishings that complement the space in colors similar to the ones described above. You can even use mint green as simply an accent color on a few furnishings or decor items allowing it to blend in with the rest of the designs color palette.

Aside from mint greens versatility in how it can be integrated in the home, you have many choices as to where to place this color in your living space. Mint green just so happens to look pristine in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

If you want cheerful, refreshing and calm in your interior design, mint green is an excellent option!

June 21st, 2017 by Alex

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