Bring Some Flavor into your Interior!

Want to add a little flavor to your interior design motif? Spice it up with Moroccan style by using bold colors and unique patterns and shapes to brighten your living space.

Low hanging lamps, lanterns and sconces with ornate details and comfortable, communal seating that sits lower to the ground with plush pillows is one way to add this style into your home.

Mosaic tilework or painted walls with geometric designs is another distinct feature to moroccan design and allows for simpler decor while still staying true to the flavor.

Using jewel-toned flowing fabrics loosely over the walls and ceilings creates a desert tent like appearance and when used  in combination with lighting casts unique shadows throughout the interior.

Not a lot of time on your hands? You can even take the route of simply purchasing decor and furnishings in Moroccan style which are usually hand-painted or intricately crafted and serve as totally functional works of art in your home.

Whether you are choosing to take your entire home or just one room in the house into a full-on North African oasis, it will serve as a luxurious sanctuary to rest and relax solo or with family and friends for years to come.

May 31st, 2017 by Alex

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