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I am a huge fan of food. I attribute this to my Mediterranean background mostly, at any given time my parents and extended family were shoving food in our faces, forcing us to try things and stay “healthy”. Healthy usually consists of eating multiple times a day, with fruit/deserts after every meal. Multiple meals. Multiple hearty, healthy, large meals. Not that I’m complaining, nowadays I just have to moderate and execute heavy portion control. I do splurge whenever I can. Especially during restaurant week, when the gods of New York City dining establishments create Prix fixe menus and open their heavenly food gates to all hungry girls and boys like myself, allowing us to sample gourmet cuisines and experience the ambiance of fine dining with prices that won’t break the bank. This past week, we went to Asia de Cuba, a place where the majestic spice and flavor of Asia marries Cuban cuisine and produces fantastical love children like ‘The Crispy Calamari‘ a salad composed of banana, chayote, cashews, hearts of palm, dressed with an orange-sesame vinaigrette. The way these dishes are put together is truly religious. From the glorious union that exists on each plate, these perfectly blended flavors jump out to the walls, make their way across the table via place settings, and flow out of the speakers with Cuban tunes that will have you feeling suave even after you leave the building. Not only does Asia de Cuba take fusion cuisine to the next level, they have mastered fusion decor. Down to the chopsticks perfectly placed on top of domino game pieces, here are six different ways Asia de Cuba did fusion decor right!

1. Asian screens enveloping soft, sensual pink lighting creating the perfect ambiance for your meal..

2. Cherry blossoms that spring up from the cafe style dining tables. ..

3. Wooden pendant lamps hung gracefully over Spanish marble

4. Cuban Modern art projects on to the black tiled walls..

5. Family style seating lit up by soft, delicate lights placed perfectly around each booth.

6.  my personal favorite touch. ..the place settings! And of course, the food. =)

August 10th, 2015 by Christina

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