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From the Greek adjective Triptixon – which breaks down to the word tri – or three – and ptysso – which means to fold, we have the term used for a three paneled piece of art (sometimes carved wood) that could be folded shut or displayed open, and are truly magnificent in structure and beauty. These fixtures are usually found in places of worship, and have inspired more modern works in terms of photographic triptych pieces and sculptures. We’re not here to talk about those inspired pieces though.

Meet Triptyque, a group of graduates from the Paris School of Architecture. Melding their classical architectural backgrounds with a unique and modern take on Brazilian Brutalism (a movement named from the French beton brut, i.e. “raw concrete”), they are taking over the world by storm. Triptyque has trailblazing the field for over a decade, creating innovative structures and interiors that question and challenge all classical architectural norms – and seem to defy them in a gratifying way. Today our Modern Crush is on this quartet. Check out the private luxury building in Rio and San Paulo – you’ll see why soon enough. I fell for them, at least three times over.

Harmonia, 57 – San Paulo

RB12, Rio De Janeiro

July 27th, 2015 by Christina

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