Magic Carpet

Over the weekend I had visited with some friends out of state. We were discussing the construction of new homes, and how when they received the plans for their home, it included carpet. We all agreed that carpet was a thing of the past. Sure, it could be great as a sound barrier or a cushy stopper for tiny tots who are just learning how to walk. Plus hardwood floors or tile look cleaner, and are easier to maintain. While all of these things may be going through your mind as well – I did some research and found some pretty cool carpeting ideas via, which allows you to build your own carpet by utilizing tiles in different colors, patterns and textures. These tile like pieces of carpet can be configured into some really unique and lovely pieces. Check out these magic carpets, a whole new world of flooring …

Building Blocks of Creativity:  via

July 15th, 2015 by Christina

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