Eye Candy

The evil eye, or mati in Greek – is a blue amulet that is utilized in jewelry, clothing, and accessories. It is said to have protective spiritual qualities which shield the bearer from harm, or to bring good luck. Since I was young, my parents have always pinned a mati to our clothing or given us gifts of necklaces with the eye charm. While this symbolic charm can be found hanging outside of homes in Greece, the Mediterranean and nearby regions, the design has become a part of pop culture. I love the idea of wearing one of these, even more I love the idea of home decor that incorporates the design! These pieces are unique, beautiful and hold so much meaning. Here are six different ways this century old tradition has been introduced in modern designs and styles that you will absolutely love!

“Eye” by Sebastian Bergne for Swarovski

“Nelson Eye Style Clock” via Inmod

Mara Hoffman Rug via Anthropologie Reflective Gourd Lamp, Via PinterestThree Teal Peacock Circle Pillow, via EtsyPeacock Acrylic Painting, via etsy.com

June 30th, 2015 by Christina

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