Think Pink!

Not everyone loves the color pink. However, I am a big fan. While pink is mostly associated with women or being feminine in nature, as the years go by, it is becoming more of a gender neutral tone. In some countries outside of the U.S., boys are actually outfitted in pink and girls in blue. I actually love the idea of incorporating pink into a home that is shared by both sexes. Again, some are overwhelmed by the color. However, there are very different ways to introduce pink into your home, whether it’s furniture or decor – less the pepto effect. This color and related hues are associated with feelings of happiness, warmness and cheerfulness, so why wouldn’t you want it in your home? Check out six different ways to think pink without being over the top!

1. By way of accent decor…

2. To greet your guests with a welcoming door.

3. Make your living room cheery with a couch in a pale blush…

4. Or pair it up so it’s not “too much”

5. Use a pop of hot pink in the bathroom for a bright start to your day…

6. OrĀ  add a splash of pink and sweet dream the night away!

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