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I have always had a fascination with libraries. Aside from being an avid reader, I think there is something aesthetically pleasing about walking into a room filled with so many different works of literature, bound in beautiful canvases and sitting beautifully on well organized shelves. Over the years I have come to acquire a vast collection of books, and I have always purchased run of the mill, plain MDF bookcases. So as I am always looking for DIY projects, and fun pastimes, I found a few bookcases that really intrigued my interest, and I am currently narrowing down the list of my top picks to decide on which one I’ll be creating for my home. Check out these six DIY brilliant bookcases. If you’re not a reader, they might just inspire you to become one! (Descriptions correspond to photos clockwise)

1. Pallets – I love this idea because there is so much room on how you could arrange, paint, or decorate the pallets. The usage of lighting here is really spectacular. Pallets are super easy to find. Check out a local grocery store, warehouse, or garden center!

2. Recycled wine box – I love this idea. You can cover the interior with fabric from a favorite article of clothing, or a heavy wrapping paper as an alternative. I would mix and match patterns and colors. Definitely one of the best I have seen!

3. Scrap Wood – I love the different colors and textures of this, all put together to create a unique pattern. Functional art at it’s finest!

4. Hollowed out instrument – Love, love, love. Even if you don’t have something like this at home, it would be fun to try to recreate if you’re handy with wood. For a smaller piece, a guitar is really fun too!

5. Old furniture – Turn an already used piece of furniture into a bookcase – in this case they utilized a china cabinet – it really looks very antiquated and prestigious. Although not really my style, I might take the same piece and paint it a fun metallic like silver!

6. Word(s) – This might be my number one choice – I’m all about statement pieces, and this is really great for someone with a larger collection. I’ve seen the usage of other words, i.e. Love, Friend, etc. I think it would be awesome to have a quote spelt out – but that’s really ambitious. Let’s keep it simple for now. Enjoy! =)

April 15th, 2015 by Christina

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