The Perfect Sofa is Actually a Daybed!

A friend of mine asked me to keep an eye out for the picture perfect sofa for his apartment. As I was browsing through the endless array of sofas and couches on the market, I began to realize – the perfect sofa is a sofa that can turn into both a lounger and a bed. The Matrix Double Cushion Sofa Bed by Lifestyle Solutions really shined among the rest. It has a masculine style with tufting on the cushions for an added flair creating visual interest.  It is upholstered in an easy-to-clean black or dark brown leatherette and is supported by a sturdy, stainless steel frame and legs.  The backrest of the couch can split to create either a lounger or a seat. It can recline all the way down to create a luxurious bed. The armrests of the couch can lift on either side to create plush headrests. If you have the space in your living room or family room to have a multi-functional sofa but not enough space in your home to fit all of your house guests than this may be the ideal solution for you. Additionally, the option of being able to lay back on your couch when watching your favorite movie or a reading a good book is an added bonus.

June 12th, 2014 by Alexandra Christina

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