Rustic Rocker: The Pant Rocker by Shiner

Imagine it is a warm, spring day, the sun is shining above and the birds are singing softly. You are casually relaxing on your front porch, sipping a cool cup of ice tea. The aroma of fresh blooming flowers tickles your nose. A light breeze passes by and brushes against your face and neck. You gently rock back and forth in your comfortable new rocker. The Pant Rocker by Shiner is a contemporary take on a classic rocking chair. Made in the USA and eco-friendly, it is crafted from high-quality recycled hardwoods and steel. It is customizable with your choice of walnut, cherry, calico, pine or oak wood finishes paired with brushed or blackened steel frame finishes.  Its uniquely large oval legs and arms are extremely sturdy and provide the perfect, uniform sway for remarkable comfort and ultimate relaxation. The Pant Rocker by Shiner is the ideal combination of modern style with a touch of rustic charm, the perfect piece to have for the warm spring days ahead!

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