Pantones 2014 Spring Color Palette

Pantones spring 2014 color palette not only applies to trends in fashion but also in interior design. This year, designers take a contemporary twist on traditional spring colors by pairing vivid and bright colors with soft and delicate pastels.  The colors are designed to revive, refresh and defy conventional wisdom pulling inspiration from blooming flowers, travels abroad and confident women.

Placid Blue creates a sense of calmness and tranquility like a picture-perfect sky.

Violet Tulip induces a romantic and wistful nostalgia.

Hemlock is a springtime foliage color and flourishes as a decorative and ornamental green.

Sand is a neutral color evoking the warm and carefree images of a beach in summer.

Paloma is a quintessential neutral that when paired with any other color creates a sophisticated style.

Cayenne is a spicy red and heats up the appearance of neutral colors.

Freesia is a blazing yellow inducing cheerfulness and high- energy.

Celosia Orange creates a sense of optimism and exciting spontaneity.

Radiant Orchid (also Pantones 2014 Color of the Year) is a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip. Dazzling Blue is a brilliant polar opposite to Placid Blue. Both Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue are capable of being paired well across the entire palette. They are perfect companions to pastels and add an element of vivacity when combined with other bold colors.

Pantones Spring 2014 Color Palette aims to create stability through the composition of the palette while also allowing experimentation with new and intriguing looks due to the inherent versatility of the individual colors. Have fun this spring season by combining colors that can add a calm energy to your interior landscape!


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