“Fun to Assemble” Furniture: Legare Sustainable Furniture


I love coming across innovative features for furniture design especially when it makes for great pieces that are both stylish and affordable.

Legare Sustainable Furniture offers a quick, easy and affordable way for you to set up furniture in your home, office or college dorm room by using a forward-thinking tab and slot design. This allows you to put it together and take it apart without ever having to pick up a bolt or a tool!  Legare even markets its furniture as being “fun to assemble,” so you never know – maybe spending a few minutes putting together that media table or desk will feel less like a chore.

This “tool-free” assembly may put some people off but Legare also ensures users that each successive piece locks the previous pieces into place assuring stability and strength.

In addition to its original and unique design, it is made from FSC certified Moso bamboo, a highly sustainable and sturdy wood with an eco-friendly carbonized finish produced by a non-toxic kiln process.

Legare Sustainable Furniture is inventive design and contemporary style melded with environmentally friendly and resourceful materials– a winning combination that anyone would be proud to showcase in their home or office.

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