Starry Night Sky – Create This Cool Effect in Your Bedroom


Going to bed each night with the stars above can be tricky – especially if you don’t feel like sleeping outdoors! But there are a few ways to create the effect of sleeping under a starlit sky. For starters, I would recommend painting your room a deep, midnight or cobalt blue color. (This is recommended but not necessary to get the effect!) Once this task is completed, one of the ways to create stars is by using glow in the dark paint and dotting the stars and constellations on your ceiling and walls.

Another way to create this effect is a bit more complicated and will require purchase of a fiber optics kit. Once you have the kit, you can drill holes in your ceiling and wall creating your own starry night design and feed the fibers through. Creating a glowing starlit sky using optic fibers looks particularly realistic and when several strands of lights are in a single spot, you can even make some stars appear brighter!

Sleeping under a starlit night sky in your own bedroom or creating one for your little one’s nursery is a great way to transform the space into a more romantic and peaceful place.

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