Underwater Dining: Red Sea Star Restaurant

I’ve written about the many amazing habitats that have been built high above us among the canopies of trees – so it got me thinking – what about habitats that reside below us?  There are far less human habitats under the sea but there was one restaurant I found particularly interesting in the Israeli resort of Eilat called The Red Sea Star Restaurant.

This incredible restaurant resides 16 feet below sea level and offers a unique “dry diving” experience. With two large windows at almost every table, diners can observe and enjoy the underwater scenery including the breathtaking wildlife that may pass by and the colorful coral garden surrounding them.

The underwater theme is carried throughout the design of the restaurant. The velvet chairs look like sea-urchins and jelly fish. The lights above are starfish shaped and sand is placed under an epoxy bonded floor below.

Wavy blue underwater light filters through the subsea pavilion from natural sources by day and by night the aquatic kingdom is softly lit by artificial light without disturbing the natural inhabitants.

 The Red Sea Star restaurant is one of the only underwater restaurants in the world and seems like enchanting experience that I would love to be able to see for myself one day.

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