2014 Interior Design Trends: Floating Shelves

The idea of storage is to create more space not less – that is why floating shelves are one of the hot interior design trends for 2014. Floating shelves are shelving that is mounted to a wall with no external support.  With these beautiful and functional units, there is no longer a need for solid cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in the home where storage space is needed. Minimalism is a central trend that generates more space and creates visual interest. For example, the lack of solid geometry can make a design more intriguing. Additionally, floating shelves take up less space and still offer the same storage capacity as the old solid cabinets.


You can find floating shelves in a multitude of colors particularly for those whose homes are more modern or art deco. They also come in variety of wood finishes for a more traditional look. No matter your style, floating shelves are an extremely flexible trend that can fit into practically any design scheme.

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