Inspiring Upcycled Furnishings for Creative Home Decor


Turning something old into something beautiful and new is inspiring and refreshing. Upcycled furniture is not only a great way to be green but designers can create extremely beautiful pieces of art using materials that they would simply discard in the proper recycling bin.  

Doggie Bed - Made of Tennis Balls

Bookshelf - Made of Books

Desk - Made of Suitcases

Lamp Shade - Made of Book Pages

Chair and Table - Made of Crushed Cans

Lamp - Made of Motorcycle Parts

Lounge Chair - Made of Wooden Roller Blinds

Toy Storage - Made of Milk Crates

Chair and Ottoman - Made of Car Tires

Chair - Made of Wine Corks

Using upcycled furnishings in your home décor can add a unique and original touch to the interior design. Plus it is a cost efficient way to incorporate some eco-friendly techniques as well.

September 26th, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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