Experience the Benefits of Salt Crystal Lamps in the Home

Incorporating salt crystal lamps into your home’s interior design not only adds a beautiful and natural element to your décor but they can be beneficial to your health too!

Salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystals from the Himalayan mountain regions and are over 250 million years old. Salt crystal lamps are natural ion generators. They generate negative ions into the atmosphere which restore and neutralize the air quality in your home. Many appliances such as televisions, computers, air-conditioners and countless other electronic devices emit positive ions that when in high doses can negatively affect our moods and energy levels making us prone to crankiness, exhaustion and depression.  By keeping a rock salt lamp in areas of the home where electronic devices are polluting the air space, it can help to neutralize and/or balance the positive/negative ions in the atmosphere.  It has also been noted that rock salt lamps can help with symptoms caused by asthma, allergies and other illnesses.

Not only are the salt crystal lamps beneficial to your health and well-being but they add an earthy and natural look to your home décor as well.  The mined crystals come in many different shades including white, pink, orange, peach and red. They can also be sculpted in various shapes such as spheres, pyramids or cones and are typically mounted on a sturdy wooden base. In addition to their appearance, they also serve as a gentle and subdued accent light ideal for meditation, mood lighting or for use as a nightlight.  These beautiful treasures are perfect functional pieces offering better health and functionality without skimping on style.

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