Modern Gypsy Gear: Mobile Furniture For Your Nomadic Lifestyle

Portable Shelter by Atelier OPA

Imagine having a comfortable couch or lush bed right at your fingertips whether you are on road trip, camping or traveling to any destination. Imagine giving your friends, family and overnight guests access to their own personal kitchen and bedroom when they visit your home. If you struggle with limited space but would like to still have all the luxuries of living in a roomy place – why not give mobile furniture a try?

Kenchikukagu Collection - Mobile Kitchen, Work Station and Bedroom

Kenchikulagu is a collection of mobile furniture designed by Atelier OPA from Japan. The Kenchikukagu collection includes a mobile work station, a mobile bed and a mobile kitchen. All of these portable furnishings can be folded up into a case when not in use. Talk about an easy move!

Kenchikukagu Mobile Kitchen

Sofa in a Box

This sofa is easy to pull out anywhere and you can enjoy comfy, cozy relaxation time no matter where you end up!

iMusic Inflatable Music Chair

This beanbag-like seat can be easily compacted when necessary.  It features a built-in speaker system which plays music when you hook up your ipod, iphone or MP3 player to it. There is a pocket on the side that will comfortably and safely hold your music device.

Modular Portable Workstation

The Kruikantoor by Dutch designer Tim Vinke - Portable Office

This portable office is an excellent solution if you are working from home or conducting business while away on vacation.

While some portable furniture can be pricey, it is definitely less expensive than the money you would have to dish out to build an entirely new bedroom or the extra cash you’d spend on a hotel room. In my opinion, the benefits of mobile furniture definitely outweigh the costs. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice style with these modern furnishings. They are comfortable, convenient and great to look at too!

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