6 Different Colors to Inspire Your Home Décor and Influence Your Mood

The way you feel when you enter a particular room can be as simple as choosing the right colors for your space.  Colors can communicate meaning in many different ways. While some of the symbolism is universal such as the colors in nature other meanings are based on color in a cultural and societal context.


Red will strengthen and invigorate you.  Red is associated with fire, romance and passion. It can be used to increase self-confidence promoting courage and boldness.  This color is preferably used to accent a white or gray room but it can be used as the primary color. Just be careful! Because red is a stimulating color, it can make you overly excited or agitated.


Orange can help get your creative juices flowing. It inspires self-expression and open-mindedness. It is a youthful color.  This color is especially great for a child’s room décor. Similar to red, this color is also an excellent accent color when paired with white, gray or black.


Yellow is by far my favorite color especially in home décor. Associated with sunlight, yellow inspires lightness, cheerfulness and joyfulness. Yellow also increases focus and concentration. It can enhance intellect and clarify cloudy thoughts. It is also known to help increase appetite. Another excellent accent color when paired with gray, black or white.


Green inspires prosperity, growth and balance. For obvious reasons, green is the color most associated with nature.  It encourages a fresh start, new beginnings and positive changes. 


Blue is the most soothing and calming color of the spectrum. It promotes peace and tranquility. It calms aggression, tension and brings serenity and harmony to your space.


Purple encourages spirituality, creativity, compassion and wisdom. It inspires a fresh perspective. Purple is also a very royal and noble color. Magical and mysterious, the color purple is a luxurious color and one of my personal favorites.

Even the photos of beautiful spaces with one or more of these bold colors can evoke a feeling by simply looking at them. Imagine living in a space where a particular color shines and the ways it may influence, encourage and inspire the mood and attitude you desire.

July 22nd, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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