Meditative Spaces: Creating a Sacred Space in a Cluttered Home

Your outer environment reflects your inner state of being – while we may not be able to change the buildings, restaurants and roads throughout our towns and cities, we do have some say over the way we make our homes feel on the inside.

Waves of anxiety have washed over me when my apartment was awry with clothes all over the bedroom floor, dishes in the sink and knick knacks lying around. There is a sense of urgency to clean and to tidy up but with little time to do so, I would just give up and attempt to find solace somewhere outside the house.

Our busy days, whether it be long hours at the office or running around with the kids gives us only a short window of time for ourselves. We sometimes forget the importance of taking a few minutes from our hectic schedules to clear our minds and gain a little R & R in the meantime.

Creating our own sanctuary in our home where we can meditate, read or relax serves as a helpful reminder that taking time for ourselves should be a vital priority on our to-do list.

Here are some inspirational rooms to get you starting on creating your own “me-time” area in your home:

I love this idea especially if privacy is hard to come by in your home.  Drapery hanging from the ceiling can create a teepee like structure to enclose you. Then simply place some pillows at the base of it for comfort and a few candles around the perimeter for a perfect spot to meditate, write, read or reflect.

This modern nook also serves as an excellent hideaway for a slice of peace and serenity in your day.

It is always a nice touch to add a window to the outside world to your sacred space. It allows for the natural world to enter your space while protecting you from the elements. This space also incorporates an altar into its design.

An altar doesn’t have to be associated with any sort of religion or spiritual belief system. It can be a simple place for personal expression of what you want to focus on and where you can rest meaningful objects.

If you have room in your backyard, you can also add an outdoor-indoor haven.


Great accents to add to your sanctuary can include:

Mood lighting – lights that come in unique shapes and colors, blue and greens lights are very tranquil, christmas lights strung throughout and around your space, star projectors

Scented Candles – candles also provide serene lighting for any sacred space and can also come in scents like lavender or sandalwood for a calming effect

Incense – whether you choose to use the sticks or the cones, incense comes in a variety of scents that can alter the atmosphere in an extremely pleasant way

Comfortable linens, pillows, cushions and furniture – making your space as comfy and cozy as possible is absolutely essential to partake in the peace

Natural elements – adding aspects of nature like flowers, plants, crystals and miniature indoor waterfalls

I hope some of these meditative spaces inspired you to create your own. Just remember, the most important aspect of your space is how it makes you feel when you go there. There is no wrong or right way to create it!

How do you unwind after the day is done? Are there any must-have essentials for your relaxation time that you can’t live without? Feel free to share any ways a busy bee can learn to balance life better by creating a meditative space in their home.

July 1st, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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