Hot Pink & Lucite

This awesome lamp combines two of my favorite things: hot pink and lucite. Isn’t it fabulous? And guess what? It’s $29.99!! Gotta love Target….

The real reason I was initially drawn to this lamp is it’s similarity to the Bourgie Lamp. If you’re not familiar with the Bourgie Lamp, we had a great post [with tons of pics] on it last year. The Bourgie Lamp can be quite expensive in it’s originality, especially when springing for the gold or silver model. Thus, there are a TON of knock-offs. [Which even Target has!]

Although many people have problems with knock-offs of iconic modern furniture, I’m not always one of them. What I do prefer is this hot pink and lucite lamp, because it offers a similar style but switches it up with the lamp shade texture and the pop of color. And it’s affordability, of course!

What do you think about this lamp? Are you digging it’s $30 style or would you rather splurge on the Bourgie Lamp?

May 28th, 2013 by Christina

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