Charismatic Chandeliers

I must still be in the Gatsby state of mind, because these chandeliers are really calling to me. The style of a crystal can be a bit more on the traditional side, but when placed in a modern setting – forget it, I love it!

These chandeliers you see above are from Endon Lighting. They are reasonably priced, and I can see one in a giant foyer, another in a sleek modern bedroom, a third over a fabulous kitchen table, a fourth in a chic contemporary living room. I would even put one of these babies in the bathroom. Beautiful!

Not sure which one I would choose, but I definitely need at least one of these in my near future. The crystals and the way they reflect the light have a gorgeous effect in any room.

What do you think of these chandeliers? Too much crystal for you or just right?


May 21st, 2013 by Christina

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