Blues, Whites and Some Seafoam Green

While searching for some gorgeous spaces today, I rounded some favorites and noticed the similar tone of blue in the two images. The deep color must be calling to me today!

None of these images have much in common, aside that they’re pretty places. They are each from a different room – one the bathroom, another from the kitchen, the third from a seating area and the fourth an open living room. Back to the blue, I was really in the mood for some bright white rooms today, but I felt like I’ve covered that before so I went for some color and unintentionally went for the blue and threw in some seafoam green.

Blue is a color I have a lot of in my house, but the seafoam green – not so much. However, I love it in that bathroom! How about you? Are you a seafoam green kind of person?

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May 6th, 2013 by Christina

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