Pale Pink Walls

Lately I’ve got the urge to paint some walls a subtle pale pink. I don’t know what room it would be for, although I am longing for an office space of my own. But it would be of my own because I’m not sure my fiance would go for a pale pink bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Taking a look at the three images above, each room is painted a pale pink, but none of them are bedrooms or nurseries or offices that might belong to a little girl or a woman. There are two living rooms and a kitchen. Maybe it’s a single woman’s house – or maybe the men don’t care about the pale pink.

Trust me when I saw that I’m not trying to be sexist by any means, but light pink is a very feminine color. I never really had the pale pink urge until now, now that my house is entirely painted, but if I did, I don’t know how my fiance would react. I can’t imagine he would mind too much – he did let me have the ruffly shower curtain I wanted!

What are your thoughts on pale pink? What about pale pink and the man/men in your life?

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April 4th, 2013 by Christina

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