Kitchens with Barstools

Do you have barstools in your kitchen? I do, but they’re nothing fabulous. I was more worried about the kitchen table and chairs and beds and sofas that I really didn’t give much thought to the barstools, as long as we had a pair.

Browsing through images on Houzz and Pinterest, my two faves, I always see kitchens with fabulous barstools that tie the whole look of the kitchen together. How about those lucite barstools in the second image above? Bold and dramatic. The Bertoia wire stools are chic and modern and the tan stools are simple and traditional, with high backs and X bases that add detail to the space.

Now I’m having total barstool envy, and I’m wishing I would have chosen bold barstools in a vibrant color or textured fabric rather than the plain old wood ones I got on sale. Instead of having barstool envy, I could always add funky pillows to the ones I’ve got or repaint or refinish them for a fun weekend project. Right?

What are your take on barstools in the kitchen? Should they be bold and fabulous or simple and stylish?

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March 21st, 2013 by Christina

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