Recipe Radar: Winter Lentil Soup

I know that you’re thinking it’s almost Spring, and wondering why am I posting a Winter soup, but it snowed last night and it’s cold here in NJ, so for those of us on the East Coast, a soup such as this is still appropriate. Which is why I’ll be making this for dinner tonight.

This hearty soup was found while browsing Pinterest, as I was looking for something healthy yet different to make. Last week was so crazy that I didn’t even have time to cook once, so I’m looking forward to the aromas in the kitchen and time to make something delicious. Also, I’ve never made any sort of lentil soup before, so I’m excited to try this. The recipe calls for sweet potatoes, which I don’t love, and also which reviews said made the soup too sweet, so I think I’ll be substituting carrots and a regular potato instead. In addition to those, this soup has plentiful amounts of leeks, kale, lentils and tomatoes – a great source of veggies that I can’t wait to try.

So, I’ll let you know how it goes. Here’s the recipe for Winter Lentil Soup for you to try yourself – and read the reviews to see how you want to make this your own!

March 19th, 2013 by Christina

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