Modern Wood Furniture

My parents always had a lot of wood furniture in their home, and now looking around my own, I realized I have a ton of it as well! They actually gave me my dining table and chairs – all wooden – but my coffee table, bed frame, tv stand, bar stools – everything is wood! Aside from the coffee table and tv stand – my fiance picked them out – the dining set, bed frame, and stools are all on the modern side, even though they’re made from wood. Sometimes when I think of modern, I think of chromed legs and lucite – not wood. Do you ever think that way?

Anyway, I came across a site that sells Pine-Oak Furniture, including the dining set you see above. I love the unique shape of the table that is far more modern than traditional, wouldn’t you agree? If you browse through their Collection of Oak Furniture and Pine Wood Furniture, you’ll see some of the furniture is more transitional, but they also offer a ton of modern wood furniture as well. They also pair a lot of their dining tables with chic modern chairs – and I love that contrast.

What are your thoughts on wood furniture? Do you have a lot in your home or do you mix and match with other materials such as chrome and stainless steel?


February 12th, 2013 by Christina

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