Lately I’ve been thinking about lifestyles. Glamourous lifestyles, more specifically. I’ll admit, I’m a big fan of several series of Real Housewives on Bravo, but sometimes the lifestyles they portray get me thinking. There are so many things to think about on this topic of conversation – which could get crazy. But really, I’m thinking of how Pinterest and the Internet and shows like RH make it so easy to fantasize about living in a huge, gorgeous home like the one above. Can you imagine swimming in that pool all day?

Or cooking in a ridiculously fabulous kitchen such as that white one. Have you even seen an island like that? I can’t say that I have. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a bath in an infinity tub next to your fireplace? That’s some serious relaxing.

See how easy it is to fantasize? And a lot of these things you can make reality with a little DIY and money saving. And whenever I dream about owning a gorgeous home like this – one thing I don’t EVER think about is the money involved. It’s one thing to think about initial costs – but how about everything else? Taxes, insurance, maintenance. Insanity!! My household insurance is reasonable, but can you imagine what it’s like on that gigundo home above?? I wouldn’t even want to know!

Even though it is fun to dream of living a glamourous lifestyle, it’s also just inspiring to look at the beautiful decor and architecture created for those living the lifestyle. While sometimes a quick home fantasy can brighten your day a little, so can some great inspiration! Which is way cheaper!

What do you think of glamourous lifestyles? Do you enjoy the beautiful homes and rooms all over Pinterest or are you sick of them?!

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February 5th, 2013 by Christina

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