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Sometimes I like to browse different websites for inspiration, like Pinterest. Other times, I like to browse through different furniture websites for decor inspiration, to see what’s out there, what would fill the empty spaces in my home, to procrastinate, etc. I always feel like I’m coming back to the same websites, so it’s refreshing when a new one is pointed in my direction.

Such is the case with Viesso. Once I started there, I went to look for a nice chair to fill this hole I have in my living room, which has been really bothering me since we took down our Christmas tree and it’s even more visible! Anyway, they have a large selection of ecosmart furniture at Viesso, which I know is quite important to many modern furniture shoppers out there.

Really, they have quite a large selection of many items, including modern wallpaper, which I may or may not have spent quite a bit of time browsing. Even better, a handy wallpaper calculator is there to help you quickly figure out how much you need! Love it. Plus, they have some great contemporary patterns that would look great in any room. [Specifically, my bathroom.]

So, if you haven’t checked Viesso out yet, I strongly urge you to do so – they have an awesome selection and a clean, easy-to-use website.

What piece do you covet most?


January 21st, 2013 by Christina

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