Finding the Perfect Sofa

A friend of mine just moved into a new place and is on the hunt for the perfect sofa. She keeps sending me links and photos, because she just can’t decide. And I totally get it.

Buying a sofa can be an expensive decision, and it’s important that you choose one that’s perfect for you and your home. Or close to perfect – you don’t want to be searching for a sofa for the rest of your life!  Whether you decide on a smooth leather sectional sofa or a fabric loveseat, I thought I’d be together a few tips on how to make the decision much easier on you.

First of all, there are a lot of things to consider – like size, shape, fabric, color, and price. Will a sectional fit in the room you want the sofa in or would a sofa set be better? That also ties in with what you prefer – some people love sectionals , some love sofa sets. Or maybe you want a sofa bed to accommodate extra guests?

As for fabric, there are TONS to choose from – different colors and textures – and don’t forget about leather! Leather is nice because it’s super easy to clean, but it doesn’t always provide the coziest feel. Plus, some fabric sofas have removable covers that can be cleaned just as well. With fabric choices come color choices, which is my least favorite part. Most of the time you know what you want, the hardest part is finding it!

Basically, it all comes down to the style you want to give your living room and the shape it can accommodate and then the colors and fabric will all fall into place. [Hopefully!} If you need help with your search, you can select from a range of sofas at ASDA – a great website with tons to offer – from corner sofas to sofa beds!

What has your experience been with choosing a sofa?



January 10th, 2013 by Christina

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