Dream Homes

I browse through the Home Decor section of Pinterest more than I’d like to admit. But it seems that almost every time I browse through, there are always some fancy contraptions or features in beautiful homes. Like everything above – the well-organized pantry, the laundry chute, a two-story bedroom, a fancy sink. I didn’t even include the one I see most often – the pull-out cutting board over the garbage can!

For some reason this got me thinking about if I ever have the chance to build my home or renovate completely, what one feature – or features – would I absolutely require? That laundry chute is pretty fabulous, and convenient, but I’m thinking I would request closet organization as an absolute necessity. While I would love a fancy kitchen with fun accessories and features, to have all closets, including the pantry, with built-in storage – oh, that would be heaven!

What about you – would feature would be at the top of your must-have list if you had the chance to build your dream home?


December 20th, 2012 by Christina

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