Glittery Christmas Ornament DIYs

Next week, I’m having a few girlfriends over to decorate Christmas ornaments. We got together in the Fall to decorate pumpkins and we were all about the glitter. To get ready for next week, I’ve been looking for sparkling DIY ornaments that we can complete in one night while chatting and sipping on some wine.

Although we can easily take clear or colored ornaments and just cover them in glitter, I wanted something that forces us to be a bit more creative. Here’s what I’ve found so far: Tinsel Snowflakes, Snow-Capped Ornaments and No-Mess Glitter Ornaments.

I love the idea of the Tinsel Snowflakes because each of us can cut out whatever we please from cardboard and cover it in immense amounts of glitter. The snow capped ornament are perfect for when we’re feeling too lazy to cover the entire ornament in glitter – plus it gives a nice look! And the no-mess ornaments – I love how you get the glitter look without worrying about finding glitter all around the house from Christmas to the 4th of July. This DIY uses wood cleaner, but I also saw one that used hairspray on the inside of the ornament. I’m wondering if paint would work as well!

Do you have any glittery DIYs for us to use at our Ornament Party? Please share!

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