Thanksgiving Menu Cards

Even if you’re having a small Thanksgiving get-together, placing menu cards at each setting adds a nice formal touch. You may remember from Friday’s Weekly Six, some free Thanksgiving printables were included in the link list. That list, however, didn’t include any menu cards, so that’s what today is all about!

It really is nice that those with graphic design skills offer such adorable printables for free to everyone throughout the Internet. The first menu above is from Sarah Hearts, who has a ton of free printables on her website – and they all coordinate so you can have a fabulous suite right at your fingertips. For nothing but the cost of paper and ink!

The second menu comes from Brooklyn Limestone, who also graciously offers a variety of free printables throughout her website.

Will you be using printables to dress up your Thanksgiving table? You still have a couple days to put it together!


November 20th, 2012 by Christina

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