DIY Jewelry Organizer

There’s something about Mondays that make you want to get up and organize your entire life. Well, some Mondays I feel like that. Others I just don’t want to get out of bed!

Anyways, jewelry organization is something I constantly struggle with. I bought a tray once to organize everything but I have no idea where that even is right now. There are tons of easy and stylish organization DIYs out there – several which I’ve talked about here before. But this DIY over at IHeart Organizing is easier than easy and can be made using an old frame that needs to be repurposed – or if you have a frame where the glass has broken – this is a great way to put it to use without wasting it!

Click over to IHeart Organizing for the full tutorial – one thats very easy to follow! My fiance and I are at Lowes or Home Depot all the time – so I will make a note of it to do this and finally get my jewelry organized. I’m thinking I might make one for earrings and then another with fun push-pins to hold all my necklaces. What do you think of this DIY?

November 12th, 2012 by Christina

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