Hunkering Down

It’s always a treat to have a day when you can sleep in late or spend a little extra time in bed. Now that Hurricane Sandy is about to hit the East Coast, and in NJ/NY almost everything is closed and/or cancelled, it’s a bit strange to be forced to stay home all day – when there’s not much else to do but lay in bed all day! But hey, as long as we stay safe – I’m not complaining!

I can’t take my eyes off of the Weather Channel and we’re all set up with flashlights, candles, sump pumps and a generator. We’ve got more food and water than we can probably eat. Yesterday, at the grocery store, there wasn’t any bread, batteries or milk left. It was so eerie to see all of the empty shelves. Many people say it is the media hype that makes people crazy, but when you think about the worst case scenario with flooding and being out of power for a week or more, it is a bit daunting. I guess we’ll see what happens – how right the media is about this storm.

What about you guys – are any of you in the path of Hurricane Sandy? Are you hunkering down with cozy covers and comfort food? If you are, I hope you stay safe as the storm worsens.

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October 29th, 2012 by Christina

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