DIY No – Carve Pumpkins

There’s been about one Halloween in the past five years in which I’ve carved a pumpkin. And it was only because my fiance had never carved one before. His was way better than mine, so I haven’t suggested carving again!

Instead of carving, I grab a few different pumpkins and put some glitter and/or paint on them and display them in the house. I’ve never referred to this as no-carve, which seems to be the trend this year. Everywhere you turn there’s a new no-carve DIY – and they are looking pretty good. In last week’s Weekly Six, I featured the no-carve crayon pumpkin, which I would love to try. So, today I’ve got two new ones: No-Carve Chalkboard Pumpkin and No-Carve Gold Studded Pumpkins.

The Chalkboard pumpkins are great because you can constantly change them. And the gold studs are just so chic and sophisticated! Have you made any no-carve pumpkins this year or have plans to?

October 25th, 2012 by Christina

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